Maximizing your child’s independence

Oxford is recognized for providing multidisciplinary, post-acute therapeutic services to infants, children, and adolescents with a variety of diagnoses and necessities, including acquired disorders/diseases, or inherited neurological and or developmental diagnosis, anywhere from acute care to short-term therapy treatments. 

Our therapists are certified licensed professionals, they will conduct an initial assessment to determine your Childs therapy needs, and then create a comprehensive goal oriented treatment plan in order to maximize your child’s functional independence.

How will Physical Therapy
help my child ?


Physical therapy assesses and addresses difficulties with motor skills. In order for a child to achieve the full mobility needed for walking, running, and climbing, they require varying movements and development depending on their age, Physical therapy works to achieve the most effective movement and balance for your child to improve mobility and to maximize your child’s functional independence. 

The benefits of Physical therapy is seen as a result of the variety of treatment activities utilized by our therapists, all with the goal to increase mobility, range of motion, strength and endurance, and for your child to be able to function better within their environment.


Physical Therapy goals include
developmental milestones such as:


Achieving the most effective movement and balance, Improved range of motion,
and Improved Mobility, in order to maximize your child’s functional independence.

An Individualized treatment plan for your Child

Our Physical Therapists work with you to identify and set strict goals in assisting your child to reach its goals, to function independently, and to promote active participation in all its environments. The therapist will evaluate, create, and provide an individualized treatment plan for you’re your Child.

Our Approach

Oxford provides a multidisciplinary approach that aids all of the therapy needs of your child. We are committed to providing the best of care by providing physical, occupational, and speech therapy with constant collaboration with your Child’s doctors and other healthcare providers to ensure the effectiveness of therapy and successful outcomes.

Other pediatric therapy provided by Oxford