Pediatric Private
duty Nursing

Caring for your loved one with purpose and passion​

We at Oxford know very well that Caring for a child with special needs can be challenging and demanding. At Oxford, we work diligently with families like yours to meet your needs by incorporating your objectives in developing your child’s care plan. With the utmost loving care, and compassion, and through our clinical excellence, we give each child the highest opportunity to reach their optimal health and well-being.

Private duty nursing delivers hourly care to your child in the comfort of your home. The number of care hours per day may vary based on your childes need and qualifications, our friendly staff will work hand in hand with your insurance provider and other programs to get you authorized for the most hours posable. Shift care hours typically consists of 4 to 24 hours a day, and delivered by our designated trained licensed vocational nurses, and aides, overseen by a, Case manager, clinical supervisor and our director of nursing and patient care services, focused on providing outstanding short-term and long-term clinical care to all our patients.

Who Pays for Your Care?

A designated Oxford case manager will help you get the care you need. Many insurance plans including Medical will pay for our services, we obtain the authorizations, handle the paperwork, coordinate the entire process, and we bill the insurance plan directly, In other words, we handle the details so you can focus on your loved ones.

Experts in Pediatric Care

When you choose Oxford as your child’s home care service provider, you are getting 52 years of excellence in care. Our clinical team are highly trained and skilled to meet stringent requirements making us the industries recognized leader in pediatric home care. 

Conditions that qualify for Private duty Nursing

  • Ventilator dependent
  • Tracheostomies
  • Respiratory diseases / disorders
  • Gastrointestinal disorders
  • IV therapies
  • Transplant patients
  • Gastrostomies
  • Neurological disorders
  • Chromosomal abnormalities
  • Cardiac anomalies
  • Endocrine diseases / disorders
  • Quadriplegic / Paraplegic
  • Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenita
  • Mitochondrial disease
  • Cystic Fibrosis
  • Palliative care

What to expect when enrolling for
private duty nursing?

A registered nurse will be scheduled to visit your home to open the case and to orient you on Oxford services, and answer all your questions. The nurse will perform an initial assessment of your child and will fill out the required documentations. This includes creating a Plan of Care, Medication Profile, Emergency Plan, and gathering any other information needed to initiate the start of care process.

A License vocational nurse will be assigned to your case, and will be scheduled to arrive to your home within 24 to 48 hours after the initial assessment, to provide hourly care in accordance with the care plan created by the clinical manager and signed by the primary care physician.

Your home care nurse will document care in our electronic medical records system using a agency computer tablet, this will enable our office clinical team to consistently review and oversee the care given to your child, and it will ensure that your child is given outstanding care.

A designated Oxford staffing coordinator will contact you to create a nursing visit schedule, and will send you the schedule completed with your nurses’ names and the shifts assigned. Our friendly staff will remain engaged with you and your family to ensure that you are receiving the best of care in the comfort of your home.

Our pediatric services Include

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