Providing emotional support,
counseling and community resources.

Our medical social workers can assist in many areas and talk with you about the financial and social resources available in your community. Our social workers can help you in a variety of ways by providing constructive support to patients and their families while working diligently with therapists and nurses and advising on a number of home health care issues.

What can a Medical Social worker do for me?

  • Connect you with local support programs & services
  • Recommend coping strategies for patients & families
  • Aiding in identifying financial assistance & resources
  • Provide counseling for emotional difficulties
  • Identify alternate levels of care
  • Serve as patient advocate
  • Provide guidance with challenging healthcare decisions
  • Coordination of Community resources
  • Counseling
  • Education on patients condition
  • Crisis intervention
  • Advance planning
  • Advance Directives