Short and Long-Term Care

Non Medical At Home Assistance
Rely on Oxford Services to provide you or your loved ones with short term or long term care whenever you require assistance at home. Our skilled team of caregivers is experienced in helping individuals of all ages with their daily non medical needs.

From one hour visits to 24 hour care, we’re there to help:

  • Persons with physical and mental challenges
  • Those recovering from an accident or work-related injuries
  • Individuals who have suffered a stroke or heart attack
  • Persons needing extra assistance after a hospital stay
  • Those with debilitating illnesses such as Cancer, MS, ALS, Arthritis and Parkinson’s Disease
  • Parents who need assistance and guidance caring for a new baby.

Contact an Oxford Services professional to help determine the appropriate level of care necessary. With the most flexible scheduling in the industry – from one-hour visits to someone living with you or your loved ones 24 hours a day. Count on Oxford to always be there for you and your loved ones, including weekends and holidays.

You will never reach a voicemail system. Oxford always has knowledgeable, professional employees available, day or night for a free consultation.

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