Oxford Elder Care Services

Making Sure You and Your Loved Ones Are Safe, But Independent

Bringing up the subject of assistance can be a touchy subject for many aging adults and their families. Seniors may understate the difficulties they are having and insist they are fine– they don’t want to worry their loved ones, and want to remain independent in their own home. But when there are obvious signs of decline, at what point should one be concerned?

The following questions can help determine your need for in home assistance.
Do you (or your loved one):

  • Worry about not eating balanced and healthy meals or drinking enough fluids?
  • Need assistance with daily activities such as getting in and out of the shower, bathing, toileting or getting dressed?
  • Have safety concerns about poor eyesight or hearing problems?
  • Have difficulty walking? Feel slightly dizzy when you get up from your chair, or unsteady when you try to walk? Worry about slipping and falling?
  • Become easily confused or sidetracked? Burn food? Leave the stove on or unattended? Forget to turn the bath water off?
  • Have trouble remembering to take your medications? Need medication reminders?
  • Have problems getting to your appointments by yourself? Forget you have appointments?
  • Make frequent, non-specific phone calls?
  • Suffer from loneliness, isolation, depression, or have a need for companionship?
  • Feel you need some extra help, but don’t want to impose on family and friends?
  • Make frequent visits to the Emergency Room or hospital? Have an open wound that will not heal?
  • Require additional education to effectively manage a condition, such as Diabetes, Alzheimer’s Disease or Dementia?
  • Suffer from impairment due to a stroke, Parkinson’s Disease, or Heart problems? Need assistance with Arthritis limitations?

You can rest assured knowing Oxford Services Caregivers are always there providing you or a loved one with the best possible care. Our goal is to help seniors retain their independence, enjoy a rich and fulfilling lifestyle while keeping them safe in the comfort of home. Rely on the professionals at Oxford to help you determine the proper level of care needed at the most reasonable cost. We are glad to schedule a complimentary in home consultation.

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There are a variety of options available to you. From one-hour visits to someone living with you or your loved one 24-hours a day.

The list below provides an overview of typical non-medical home care services for aging adults. Call our office for a personal assessment.