Oxford HealthCare LVN, Elisah Hollens Honored for Saving Co-Worker’s Life



Oxford HealthCare is a very special place to work.  Nurses care for medically fragile clients in their homes, which allow these individuals to remain with their families, eliminating the need to be in a skilled nursing facility.  The nurses at Oxford are skilled individuals who are very caring and compassionate.  They know that they make a difference it the lives of their clients. On 2/23/12 two nurses from Oxford HealthCare, Elisah Hollens and Ethel Cungious, were providing nursing care to two medically fragile children.  As they were working, Ethel suddenly keeled over.  Elisah immediately dropped to the ground and checked Ethel – she found that Ethel was not breathing and that she had no pulse.  Elisah immediately dialed 911, while talking to the children, letting them know that everything was going to be okay.  The 911 operator came onto the line and asked for her location.  Elisah was new to this assignment, and realized she could not tell 911 the exact location. Fortunately, a passerby stopped and offered his assistance.  Elisah handed her cell phone to him, asked him to tell 911 where they were located, and then explained what the medical situation was, and watched the children.  The passerby gave the information to 911.  Elisah started critical life-saving procedure of CPR and rescue breathes.  Elisah could feel Ethel’s chest bone crack under the force of her CPR, but she was prepared for that.  Oxford HealthCare requires that all nurses maintain current CPR certification, and Elisah had just finished her CPR recertification less that two weeks earlier.  Elisah said that she could hear Jack’s voice, and the cadence and speed he had reinforced with everyone in the class as they practiced on the mannequins.  It kept her calm, and assured as she used CPR to saved the life of her co-worker. The paramedic team arrived and took over.  They were thankful that Elisah was performing CPR, since Ethel was in desperate shape with no heart beat and no pulse.  The firefighters provide a shock from their portable automatic defibrillator and waited anxiously to see if Ethel’s heart would start beating.  It did.  The paramedics continued with advanced life support measures while they put Ethel into the ambulance.  En route to the hospital they were finally able to reestablish her pulse.  Emergency personnel at the hospital took over her care when they arrived. Ethel is thankful to be alive.  On November 1, 2012, Ethel had the opportunity to thank the individuals who saved her life at the City of Lakewood’s Award Of Valor Ceremony.  This event recognizes county firefighters and paramedics, and residents who have demonstrated heroism and outstanding service to the community over the past year. Elisah Hollens, LVN Oxford HealthCare, received the Mayor’s Award Why was CPR so important?  When the heart is beating, it pushes a flow of fresh oxygen throughout the body.  Any body tissue that does not receive fresh oxygen will stop its metabolic processes.  CPR is basically a substitute – it will push the oxygen that is in the blood stream throughout the body, keeping the body tissues alive until the heart can be restarted – via an external electric shock.  Damage can start occurring within 6 minutes if the heart is not beating. Pictures of Ethel thanking the people who saved her life can be found at: http://photos.presstelegram.com/2012/11/photos-lakewood-award-of-valor-luncheon/  Elisah Hollens will also be recognized by the American Red Cross Long Beach at their Hometown Heroes event on March 21, 2013.  For additional details about this event go to: http://arc-longbeach.axxiomportal.com/show.aspx?mi=5057